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If I can do it anyone can ! Jina and her amazing, talented and professional staff are the best! I started working with “S.V.C.R” Silicon Valley Credit Repair back in February and it’s been about 4 months now and wow! What has been done so far is more than I could have hoped for. I started with horrible credit ;( I had about 16 collections and other negative stuff on my credit report and now a few months later BAM! To the hard work of Jina and her staff I just found out 13 of my items have been removed...My future is bright again! I felt hopeless when I started with Jina and believe me there’s no magic pill to fixing bad credit, but they were so organized and helpful and they gave me exact instructions to follow and I’m learning so much. I was bad with my money and now I pay all my bills on time and budget and it feels great! I made some poor financial choices in my past but took a stand and now I am working hard and trusting in Jina and her staff and I feel really blessed to have met them. Don’t feel embarrassed ;) Everyone needs some help sometimes it’s just taking that first step! Give them a call, you will soon agree and see it has been the best choice you made in a while!
— Jesse C. San Jose, CA
Jina and her team are just AMAZING! Jina was very helpful and made me feel comfortable knowing that my future for a good credit was looking good. When I first walked into her office, I was worried I would hear my credit was un-repairable, but Jina went over my credit history and what they can do to help. My credit score is in the 500’s and I was worried I would not be able to repair my credit to get a good job, be debt free or qualify for any large purchases (such as a car loan, home loan and etc.). Jina not only went over the plan on how to repair my credit but also gave my tips and tools on how to improve and maintain a healthy credit score. I feel confident knowing that Jina is working on my case and by no means do I doubt her abilities. She is such an amazing person, which shows in her compassion to help out her clients. I would definitely recommend Jina and her team for credit repair. So, if you’re looking for someone to repair your credit, go see Jina. Thank you Jina and team for giving me hope and confidence knowing that my credit can be repaired—I can’t wait to see you gals work your magic.
— Erika S. San Jose, CA
Future looking good because of Jina!! Signed up last October already bad credit record is starting to fall out of the ceiling of the three major credit bureaus!! She has more work to do but already I am seeing the lights at the end of the tunnel. Giving her five stars already may have to go to ten stars on my next review!! My advice to people who is having problem credit problem is to seek the help of Jina and let her work her magic.
— Perlita P. Millbrae, CA
I highly recommend Jina here at Silicon Valley Credit Repair. I went through the repair process with her and it was smooth. I had things on my credit that were really affecting my ability to qualify for anything. Since she has repaired my credit I have been able to finance a SUB for my wife and a motorcycle for myself and both at very low interest rates and payments. I seriously don’t know where I would be without credit repair. Jina really helped change my financial life for me and my family. Thank you for all that you did to help me.
— Brian C. Morgan Hill, CA
Jina just had our 2nd mortgage (HELOC) -written off-, ***$97k worth*** and has taken our credit scores from the low to mid 500’s to nearly 700 in just 6 months.
When you hire someone to solve a problem, you can hire a student or hire the teacher- Jina is the *master*. She is brilliant at what she does.
If you check around, you’ll find the “credit repair” industry is full of hacks making false promises and not getting results- there just aren’t very many people out there who understand both the science and art of helping you game the mysterious credit bureau and FICO scoring system.
That’s not her only genius though. Jina and her assistants are absolute pit bulls with creditors and collectors. Better yet, they will be with -you- as well. Let’s be honest, you’re probably the one chiefly responsible for the situation you’re in. Likely due to a habit of inaction and disorganization you acquired during a time of great stress- exactly what happened to my wife and I.
Once you agree to a game plan with her, Jina and her team will be all over you to work it. It’s hard to emphasize how important this part is. “On it” describes her organization well- and she will expect the same of you.
In addition to the incredible miracle of getting a very large debt written off (and lien removed from our title- per a letter from the county no less), Jina created a blizzard of notices in the mail indicating one Late pay after another had been removed from prior credit cards, car loans, etc.
In the case where the best course of action is a pay-off settlement, she is very upfront with you about this reality and will work both sides- what you can afford to pay vs. how much she can push a creditor to write off.
Our goal is a long delayed re-fi and after 6 months of working with SVCR, we are well on our way. To say that Jina’s fee was a “good” investment would be the understatement of the decade- it has transformed our life plans for the next couple of years. I highly encourage you to stop putting it off and start taking action for your household and family as we finally did.
— Fritz K. San Jose, CA
Jina is the best. I was referred to her by a friend. This came after another company was unable to help. She not only helped me to remove the items damaging my credit score, but helped me to resolve a few personal issues. She is a very special person that actually cares.

Now we have started to do a credit enhancement, I am very excited to see the results. It has been great so far I will update after. Time for me to start the next chapter of my life. Thank you so much Jina!!!
— Donald B. San Jose, CA
Jina is AMAZING at what she does.. So happy to say that after working with her company that we have finally purchased our dream car!! We are so grateful for Jina and her staff for taking on our messed up credit accounts and making them perfect.. For the first time in our lives, my husband and I both have credit scores over 700 and getting pretty close to perfect for our current circumstances.

I will continue to recommend you and speak very highly of your services SVCR. It is rare to find a company that puts their reputation on the line for their customers and you guys fought for us every day. Every single time i received a letter in the mail from a creditor, i knew that i could send it to you and you would tackle it right away. In fact, I no longer receive ANY letters in the mail because all of my accounts are in perfect shape.. No longer will “bad debt” haunt us.. Just feels like you gave us a fresh start in life and that is such a huge gift to give people who feel trapped by their past decisions.

Living a happy life, free of debt and excited for what the future brings.. Thank you for making this possible Jina + the wonderful staff at SVCR.

Highly recommend this place... Just call Jina and find out for yourself. She will meet with you, make you extremely comfortable and make sure you feel taken care of PERSONALLY. I couldn’t love you more!!!!

— S.W. Campbell, CA
I just left the office of Jina Carranza and I feel so amazing!!!! She knows her stuff!! Not only Is she knowledgeable and savy but she genuinely cares! I love her company and what she has done for me is above what I could have ever expected!! She helped my credit score and got me to a place where I can feel good about myself again! I have to also say thank you to Yorlan for everything’s he has done! Yorlan was the one that took full control and with the help of her team got me right!!!! IIf any one has any issue with their credit or just want to be in a better place look no further then Silicon Valley credit repair!!!
Me there reasonably priced!!!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you ..... felt so comfortable and at ease with these ladies...
Thank you
— David J. San Jose, CA
Jina and her staff have been instrumental in my family purchasing a home recently. They are professional and effective in what they do without a doubt. My credit score increased over 100 points within months. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
— El Galan L. Elk Grove, CA
I had heard someone at work talking about SVCR and I thought I would give it a try being I was in the same boat with my credit as my coworker-I can not express how thankful I am for Jina and her staff. They were able to work with a lot of the bad debt I had and improve my credit score from very poor to in the 700’s. I was able to get a car loan and not have to rely on my family to help cosign. Next step will be having Jina help me purchase a home-

The staff is amazing and they make you feel very comfortable. I didn’t feel bad that I had all these credit issues, they make you know it’s okay and that is what they are there to help with. Again I can express how thankful I am for their help. Jina is an amazing woman and I admire all her hard work and dedication to helping others!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
— Nicole C. Santa Clara, CA


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